Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Mini Madness Quilt for March

Well it is that time of year again when basketball prevails with March Madness! But not so here. Island Batik has taken it to a whole new level and invited the Island Batik Ambassadors to make a Mini Madness Quilt this month of March! 

The rules are no quilts bigger than 24" x 24". We can use any pattern or design our own!
And of course use the lovely Island Batik fabrics! 

My main focus fabrics are from the Jersey Shore Collection and I think I created a unique way to display them. However  I did use a fabric from the Lavish Collection and Sea Salt Sandy Collection plus a neutral. 


I got the idea from one of the cross stitch patterns  that I designed which plays on the technique of Millefiori with different colors of floss and beads.


 Millefiori comes from a glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware. It is a combination of the two Italian words "mille" which means thousand and "fiori" which means flowers as it looks like 1000 flowers! It is mostly associated with Venetian glassware today. An example is shown here. Isn't this neat?

Also since it is "officially" Spring now (although in some places it doesn't feel like it) and the week of Easter when "bunnies" are everywhere, this was just a natural fit for my Mini Madness Quilt. So having said that, let me present my quilt - "Flower Bun".

The bunny measures 16" x 17" and all the little yoyo's represent flowers. I have him holding a flower in his paws as the basket is just too full! Aren't the colors wonderful? I used a charm pack of the Jersey Shore Collection of fabrics! The bunny is from the neutral collection "Sprinkles" and he is placed on a Lavish collection background. The border, binding and backing are from the Sea Salt Sandy Collection. Isn't it nice that he has arrived just in time for Easter?
I hope you have enjoyed my Mini Madness blog. I will have another one for you next week. These projects are quick and too much fun, so stay tuned. 

I am so honored and pleased to be a part of this group. The projects that have been shared over the month are all winners! I will have a complete list for you next week so you can enjoy the fun!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,



  1. Love it Nan. Your bunny is out playing in the flowers. Wish the ones in my backyard would just play. They seem to want to nibble on the green shoots and flower buds. Yours is so much better behaved.

  2. A really darling bunny quilt, Nan! The pink background and lavender binding are perfect with it, but then Island Batik fabrics are perfect! :-)

  3. An adorable mini. I can see it hanging in a little girls bedroom.