Friday, January 13, 2012

After the storm - the continuing story of Purrfect Spots

I hope everyone had a Happy & Blessed New Year! Now that the holiday bustle is over, it is time to continue with the story of PURRFECT SPOTS!

In the last episode, I left you with pictures of the return into our neighborhood after we had evacuated because of Hurricane Opal! After seeing so much destruction, we held our breath as we drove down the street.When we got close to the house, we saw a roof  missing lots of shingles, but we knew part of it was still standing. As we pulled up to the house, debris was everywhere, but the house was still standing! We went in and no windows were broken so everything inside was ok. 


We did have screens blown off of windows, railings off of decks, siding all over the yard and roof damage. But the house was intact!  It had survived. There would be lots of repair, but we wouldn't have to rebuild the whole house and we could live in it while it was being repaired! Thank you God!



After checking out the house, I immediately ran next door to see if there were any signs of Casey!  As I ran around the corner of the yard, I called his name. No response. I called again and listened. I thought I heard a mew. Again I called and this time the mew was stronger. The next thing I knew a little black head appeared from behind some concrete blocks. I cried out his name in delight and he came running towards me. I was thrilled. He let me touch him and pet him. He seemed very happy to see me. He seemed ok. I got some bowls and gave him food and water. He was ravenous. I sat there with him while he ate and a bond was established. From then on – he was "an owned" cat and seemed to be very pleased with his new position in life.

We did the vet check of course and everything seemed to be ok with a few minor glitches. He began to put on weight and was quite a handsome guy! I got him his collar and when I first put it on, he seemed to strut around the house saying "Look at me - I have a home"!  He seemed so proud and happy.

He of course, moved in and the two "older female cats" weren't real thrilled. They would spit and hiss and swipe with a paw if he got too close. He just wanted to be friends!
Life was good or so we thought…………………