Tuesday, January 25, 2011

See us on The Wednesday Quilt Show at Forty-Two Quilts!!!

We are happy to announce that one of Purrfect Spots' quilts will be featured on the Wednesday Quilt Show on January 26. It is titled Memphis Ribbon and Blues. The quilt has an interesting background. While playing around with all the bright colors I found a black & white fabric that really set them off. Halfway through the quilt, I ran out of the fabric. Thought there was more in my stash, but I was wrong.  I decided to go with solid black to finish it up and I started experimenting. When  I finished, I thought it looked like a city skyline. I honestly feel that the black made the quilt more interesting!  The streaks of color reminded me of saxophones floating around - I started word playing. I was born and raised in Memphis and Memphis Blues kept coming to mind - then rhythm and blues and you now know the rest. So please visit  Forty-Two Quilts at  http://milo-designs.blogspot.com/  and see my quilt. Would love to hear your comments.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Having fun with Inklingo!

Monkey came to visit Purrfect Spots to let us know how easy
it is to use Inklingo when making quilts. He was right and it has
saved us time so we can make more quilts. How great is that!
Thanks Monkey. Click on Inklingo  for more information. He
and Linda Franz (Monkey's owner) will show you all you  need
to know about this great new product! Please let us know what
you think!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Go to my Facebook page for your chance to win!!!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, January 18th, I will be giving away a free subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine on my Facebook page. My Facebook link is at the bottom of this page. Please check out the magazine information at http://www.quiltpatternmagazine.com/ and then leave a comment on my Facebook page. I will have a random drawing during the first week of February from all the comments made and pick a winner. The winner receives a free one year subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine. Please join in the fun. This is a great way to have wonderful quilt patterns and go Green!!!! Please tell all your friends and please become a Fan of Purrfect Spots!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ribbon Embroidery Detail on the Monkey

Here are some close up pictures of the ribbon embroidery detail of the monkey. You can also see that I used some flower buttons to add a little extra. Beads were used as well. The ribbon used is from YLI Corporation or http://www.ylicorp.com/

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please see Abby Dog at bottom of page for important information

My post regarding cold weather and pets ended up at the end of my blog page rather than the beginning. I am still learning! Please scroll down and read. Thank you!

As Promised

I promised when the new year started I would start letting you know a little about me, my love for quilting and for animals, so the time has finally arrived. I started Purrfect Spots in 1996 as a cross stitch design company, then added needlepoint and finally quilting. Who would have thought that my first quilt design would be a monkey? Spring Fling Monkey was taken from the Purrfect Spots - Purrfect Point Needlework Line by Raffy L. Please see canvas on the left  and quilt on the right. I was advised to go into quilting as many of my cross stitch and needlepoint patterns would translate into applique quilting very easily. So this was my first attempt. On the quilted version of Spring Fling, the garland and head dress are filled with ribbon embroidery. Loving handwork the way I do, I had lots of fun playing with the garland. I even added some flower buttons. Hopefully I can get a good close up picture so you can see exactly what I am talking about. How many of you like ribbon embroidery. Would love to know how many of you like ribbon embroidery. Look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Blog Tour is over and I have a winner.

Congratulations to Martina in Switzerland as she is the winner of the subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I want to thank all who visited my blog. I wish you all could be winners. There is still time to get a subscription and I hope you will do that. Thank you again and Happy New Year!!