Tuesday, January 25, 2011

See us on The Wednesday Quilt Show at Forty-Two Quilts!!!

We are happy to announce that one of Purrfect Spots' quilts will be featured on the Wednesday Quilt Show on January 26. It is titled Memphis Ribbon and Blues. The quilt has an interesting background. While playing around with all the bright colors I found a black & white fabric that really set them off. Halfway through the quilt, I ran out of the fabric. Thought there was more in my stash, but I was wrong.  I decided to go with solid black to finish it up and I started experimenting. When  I finished, I thought it looked like a city skyline. I honestly feel that the black made the quilt more interesting!  The streaks of color reminded me of saxophones floating around - I started word playing. I was born and raised in Memphis and Memphis Blues kept coming to mind - then rhythm and blues and you now know the rest. So please visit  Forty-Two Quilts at  http://milo-designs.blogspot.com/  and see my quilt. Would love to hear your comments.


  1. Nan, I love how you solved the problem of "not enough fabric!" I think the best things come from the unexpected! Jenifer

  2. I like the black in the background, too. Sometimes it's the accidental things that turn out best.

  3. I agree...it is much more interesting with the solid black. Really striking quilt.


  4. That is neat what you did, and the ric rac made it easier to do it.