Friday, June 7, 2013

June Thoughts and Memories

Well when new opportunities present themselves, we need to take advantage of them even if they come in a round about way. So that is what I am doing. Life handed me lemons for awhile, but I choose to make lemonade. And in that process, I will be more timely with my blogs and hopefully post often. I now have the time to do that. I have already outlined blog ideas through September on my list of things to do! So here goes!

Growing up, June was always a magical month as it was the first month I was out of school and there was the promise of a wonderful summer - picnics, swimming, and vacation. Some of my relatives celebrated their birthdays in June so there were always family get togethers for parties with lots of seasonal treats! My cousin got married in the month of June so it was cause for yet another family celebration.

Favorite Family Vacation Spot!
Looking back, I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful family and so many great memories of childhood summers. And because good memories are so very important, I decided to make a quilt in memory of a dear, sweet aunt who was like mom to me. We called her "Billie". Her birthday was June 14th  - Flag day here in America.  She was my mom's sister and took over the role as mother for me when my  mom died.

When my cousin (her daughter) and I were going through her clothes, so many dresses made me think of happy times. I asked her daughter if I could have the dresses and make a quilt. She was delighted and so that is what I am doing. She has helped me when she can even though we live in different states.

There were so many colors, but blue was the predominant theme as that was "Aunt Billie's" favorite color. She had a couch with blue flowers,  blue kitchen curtains and chair seats, a blue dust ruffle and many blue dresses. So gathering all of the dresses and leftover fabrics from a box she kept with her scraps, I went to work.

I decided a strip quilt would be the way to go with blue from the dust ruffle  being the focus fabric in this quilt. I took her dresses and cut them into different size strips to add more interest to the quilt.
Here is a picture of my  scraps. 

I then cut 10" squares from the dust ruffle. I 
marked a two inch strip down the center of
 each square and then started "stripping" 
(sewing my strips)!  I have come up with some 
lovely combinations which even include fabric
 from her aprons    and placemats. I did wash 
everything first, but I had to include those as 
seeing that apron and those placemats brought
 back a flood of wonderful times around her 
Thanksgiving table with all the family.

Yellow flowers on the red paisley fabric were placemats

 I still have a few more squares to go but hopefully will finish them before the summer as some of the projects that I am working on have finish dates looming. This quilt does not. I can take my time and enjoy making it and savor the memories while doing so.


 Here are some put together. What do you think?

Now if you would like explicit directions for this, you can order my Bark Park pattern as it is a strip quilt. It also includes tips about working with ties as Bark Park is made from ties.

It also uses fabric from some silk pajamas that I got. The pajamas are the focus fabric or connecting fabric that runs through every square. It is the bright red fabric with the dogs. I didn't have enough of the same tie to do that. But it works. So you can make a strip quilt from all different kinds of fabrics.

I got the idea for using ties when I made a quilt in memory of my uncle whose birthday was June 5th for another cousin.  He had so many ties and they weren't sure what to do with them, so I asked if I could have them. She loves it as she remembers her dad wearing so many of them. Again more good memories. (Sorry I don't have a picture.)

Isn't it nice that as quilters we can do so much with treasured dresses, fabric scraps from home decor projects, aprons, placemats, dust ruffles and even ties to bring some comfort and joy to those that we love?

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration to make a memory quilt for you or someone you care about. If you do, please share your quilt story with me. Have a wonderful June!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Snowmen - the fifth block for the Bullas Bears Quilt

The Snowmen  is the June block in the Bullas Bears quilt. This guy is having so much fun making his Snow Bear. You can just feel his enjoyment and pride! You will have just as much fun when you make this block.

Here is the original artwork by Will Bullas.......

And here is my quilt adaptation:

The Bullas Bears BOM is featured in The Quilt Pattern Magazine. This is block #5.

Bali Hand-dyed Watercolors - Style #1895 from Hoffman Fabrics were used in this quilt as they are just "purrfect" for these bears! Batiks Plus is offering the Fabric Kits.

Kreinik Threads is offering a thread kit featuring the specialtity threads used with this quilt. 

So how can you join in all this fun? As the pattern is only available through The Quilt Pattern Magazine, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE today! You will love making these Bullas Bears!