Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's about time...

No this is not your usual story of time such as time well spent, time wasted, time lost, not enough time or no time. I may have to do a story on that someday, but this is not the (pardon me) time! This is about what keeps time - clocks. I am sure there are many clock lovers out there. I am one of those, but my clocks aren't the kind that you would find in a fine clock shop or antique store (well maybe one). 

I don't know when this obsession started, but I think it was probably with my grandmother. She had the most wonderful clock. It sat on the mantle in the dining room. It made a wonderful "bong" on the hour and the half hour. In the middle of the night, I would hear that clock and it was so very comforting. Don't know why - but it was.  She would wind it several times a week - just like clock work! (Am I going too far here?) I loved looking in the back at all the intricate gears. That would only happen on occasion (which was not often). There were times she would have to swing the pendulum to get it started again. 

The key that she used was unlike any other key that I had ever seen. But the best part was the little vase she kept it in. It sat right next to the clock in the back and held the key. It had the 3 monkeys on it - See no evil, Hear no evil, Say no evil. I loved it and would always be near by when the clock was wound just so I could see the monkeys.

I have to say I was delighted when the clock was give to me even if some of the paint is coming off of its face. Not only did I get the clock, but I got the little vase as well! They sit on the mantle in my den today right next to the watch that belonged to my husband's grandfather. When we have had to evacuate for a hurricane, the clock goes with me! I love that clock and all the memories that go with it.

But that is not the only clock that I love. I have one that I ordered through a catalog many years ago (before the internet). It is a very small clock and has a kitty sitting in the middle with a raised paw. The minute hand is a little mouse and he goes round and round in circles. It was not expensive and it is battery operated. Some of the battery acid has leaked through on the face, but you can still see the kitty and you can still see the mouse and it works beautifully.

Another clock I love is one I got in Switzerland. It is like the anniversary clock with the spheres that swing around and then back around in a circle. But instead of the spheres - I have little wooden cats and they twirl around constantly. How cool is that. There is one other clock that can be added to my list of favorites. This is just a plain little alarm clock that runs on batteries and sits by my bedside and has a delightful little gentle sound to wake you up. I paid less than $4.00 for it, but it has been with me for quite a long time and is like a good reliable friend.

I have other clocks as well with dogs (Dalmatians of course) and cats. Since I have started writing this, I have walked around the house and I have a lot of quirky clocks! I like all of them - some are just more special than others.

Isn't it amazing how some of the simplest things can bring us such pleasure? I guess that is the way it is with lots of things. And of course that brings me to quilts. Do you have some quilts that you just love? They may be well worn, may not win any prizes, but to you they are beautiful and looking at them brings good memories and they just make you happy! I have several like that. And fabrics - there are some that I just adore and can't bear to part with. I may never make anything with them (at least not anytime soon) but they bring such joy.

So whether it is clocks, fabric, quilts, cats, dogs or anything else - it's still about enjoying our favorite things, simple things, whatever they may be, because it's about time. 

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Until next time...