Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another Mini Madness project for March

Welcome to my second Mini Madness for March with the Island Batik Ambassadors
I am so glad to be able to share another project. The guidelines for Mini Madness are no quilts bigger than 24" x 24".

Well, when I think of small quilts, I immediately think of Kennel Quilts. So this would be a "purrfect" project for that. But wait. I already did that with the Island Batik Blog Hop Sock Hop last year.

So I decided on something a little different, but definitely animal related. If you are a pet owner and you have to evacuate, you need to take your pets with you. If it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pets. You can find helpful information regarding evacuating with your pets from The CASEY Plan.

One important tip for evacuation with your pets is to have all their medicines and medical records plus a current photo for ID.

Therefore I decided to make a fabric folder that will carry those things and be able to be tied to the pet carrier.

It starts out very much like a Kennel Quilt. I sewed three 5" Island Batik Fabric Strips together  for the outside and used one piece of fabric from the Lavish Collection for the inside. I choose my fabrics from this group of lovely Island Batik fabrics. I used one of the 5" strip rolls in the lower left hand corner and the red fabrics in the right corner.

After sewing the strips together and making my quilt (and I apologize for no pictures of that, but my camera did not cooperate), I attached a ribbon along the middle of one of the panels. The quilt measures 13" x 18" when finished.

I sewed both sides of the ribbon to the quilt top.

I then turned the quilt over, and flipped the bottom gray strip inside and stitched in to either side as well as 6" inches in from either side.

I then folded the ribbon back on one side and stitched it down again so the folder can close.

Now you can carry your medications, medical records and your contact information, etc.
I did add a plastic vinyl pouch on the front (I did this before I flipped the gray strip to the inside.)

Now I have a place to put my cat's picture.


You will also notice that my name is on the carrier. I also have my contact information   plus my veterinarian's contact info as well. Magic markers are great for this.

And now my carrier is already to go with the Fabric Folder and a Kennel Quilt!  I just need to get the cat!
I hope you have enjoyed this Mini Madness project. The Island Batik Ambassadors have enjoyed sharing these with you during the month of March.  I have a list below if you missed any of the projects. Please be sure and check them out as there are some wonderful projects. 

And next month - April Showers will be coming your way, so grab your umbrella for all the fun!

See you then! Thank you again for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Purrfect Spots: My Mini Madness Quilt for March

Purrfect Spots: My Mini Madness Quilt for March: Well it is that time of year again when basketball prevails with March Madness! But not so here. Island Batik has taken it to a whole new...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Mini Madness Quilt for March

Well it is that time of year again when basketball prevails with March Madness! But not so here. Island Batik has taken it to a whole new level and invited the Island Batik Ambassadors to make a Mini Madness Quilt this month of March! 

The rules are no quilts bigger than 24" x 24". We can use any pattern or design our own!
And of course use the lovely Island Batik fabrics! 

My main focus fabrics are from the Jersey Shore Collection and I think I created a unique way to display them. However  I did use a fabric from the Lavish Collection and Sea Salt Sandy Collection plus a neutral. 


I got the idea from one of the cross stitch patterns  that I designed which plays on the technique of Millefiori with different colors of floss and beads.


 Millefiori comes from a glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware. It is a combination of the two Italian words "mille" which means thousand and "fiori" which means flowers as it looks like 1000 flowers! It is mostly associated with Venetian glassware today. An example is shown here. Isn't this neat?

Also since it is "officially" Spring now (although in some places it doesn't feel like it) and the week of Easter when "bunnies" are everywhere, this was just a natural fit for my Mini Madness Quilt. So having said that, let me present my quilt - "Flower Bun".

The bunny measures 16" x 17" and all the little yoyo's represent flowers. I have him holding a flower in his paws as the basket is just too full! Aren't the colors wonderful? I used a charm pack of the Jersey Shore Collection of fabrics! The bunny is from the neutral collection "Sprinkles" and he is placed on a Lavish collection background. The border, binding and backing are from the Sea Salt Sandy Collection. Isn't it nice that he has arrived just in time for Easter?
I hope you have enjoyed my Mini Madness blog. I will have another one for you next week. These projects are quick and too much fun, so stay tuned. 

I am so honored and pleased to be a part of this group. The projects that have been shared over the month are all winners! I will have a complete list for you next week so you can enjoy the fun!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,


Monday, March 7, 2016

Purrfect Spots: I have winners from the Island Batik Planes, Train...

Purrfect Spots: I have winners from the Island Batik Planes, Train...: I want to announce the winners of my two blog posts with the Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hop. First of all, I want ...

I have winners from the Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hope - are you one?

I want to announce the winners of my two blog posts with the Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hop.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who participated and left such nice compliments! I really appreciate it.

OK - the winner of the "Island Batik ABC Express Train"  Fat Quarters is Beth (who said)

"Cars are my favorite mode of travel: road trip!
My favorite color of these batiks is the warm orange.
Thanks for introducing me to Chessie. We have 5 tabbies in our family; I'm definitely going to need to see more of the Chessie cat artwork."

Beth, please contact me and let me know your mailing address as you have won four Fat Quarters of  the lovely Island Batik fabrics pictured below.

The winners of the "Night Movers" are Lisa Marie who said
"We have been to many wonderful places, so I'm not sure I have just one favorite. But I will say that one trip we took several years back and really enjoyed was the National Parks in Southern Utah -- such amazing scenery!"


Gran Chris who said
" I have really enjoyed this Hop. Beautiful projects and fabric."

You both have won my pattern "Forest Nights' shown below:

Please contact me with your email address so I can send you the pattern.

Thank you again for all who participated in this Blog Hop.

But please check back as there are more projects coming later this month.

Until then,


Friday, March 4, 2016

The Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles' Blog Hop Final Journey!

Welcome to the final journey of the Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hop. 
 I hope you will enjoy traveling with me. We are going to go to a very special place!

I love this collection of Island Batik - Holiday Happenings. I designed a quilt using this fabric that was introduced at Quilt Market in Houston last fall. (But more on that later.)

Look at these gorgeous fabrics!

I even love the logo for these fabrics as it contains a moose.

I have three favorite places in this world and I plan on taking you to one of those. I live in one but love traveling to the other two, a desert and a forest. Can you guess which one I choose for our trip by looking at the fabrics?

If you are still not sure, please watch this video. Those who have read my blogs before know I love to share a little something to give you a hint. I hope you enjoy!

Now you know, we are traveling to Alaska and the Denali National Park! The best thing about this trip is we are going to go on a night tour to see the Aurora Borealis. How neat is that!

So why do I love Alaska and why did I want my quilt to take you there? The first answer is pretty easy - there are some wonderful animals there and the scenery is just magnificent. Such a fascinating place and because of that, I have Alaska pretty much scattered throughout my house in Florida!

in the dining room
also in the dining room
where else - the dining room
Living Room


This rug we got in Juneau! It shows the owl, eagle and raven. It is in the living room.


 This little guy is on the wall in the living room.

This is in the bedroom. Can you see the bear symbol on the rock and reflected in the lake?

This guy is also in the bedroom. He is one of my favorites.

I think you get the idea that I love Alaska and I want to thank Island Batik for giving me the opportunity to take you there by way of their lovely fabrics!

Here is my quilt and I call it "Night Moves".  My pictures do not do justice to these beautiful fabrics which are lovely greens, golds, and cranberry.

This quilt was made using applique, piecing and Broderie Perse. I will show you different parts of the quilt so you can see each example.

This is applique in the middle panel showing the bears and the trees. If you recognize the bears, that is because they were featured in my Island Batik Summer Country Blog Hop on my placemats last August. However once the hop was over, I removed the bears from the placemats and they became Kennel Quilts which were sent to an animal shelter that was recovering from floods. Read more about Kennel Quilts here
So the bears are back and they have found a home! Hopefully my Florida bears won't mind the cold weather in Alaska.

Here you see piecing and of course, the best part about Holiday Happenings is all the wonderful animals pictured on the fabrics. I had to use them. Here is a wolf and below is a moose.

Aren't they wonderful? Does it get any better? I don't think so.
Next are the hills and the snow capped mountains. The green hills are celery from another Island Batik collection and the mountains use one of their neutrals. They worked together beautifully with Holiday Happenings. And don't you love the colors of the sky? It was just "purrfect" for the Aurora Borealis.

Here is where I used Broderie Perse. The green fabric placed on the quilt has lots of lovely little trees. I cut them out and applied them to the hills in the background to create depth and perspective.

I used lovely Aurifil Threads in my quilt and they matched this collection beautifully.

Now I told you earlier that I used Holiday Happenings in an earlier quilt. This is Forest Nights and the pattern is available on my website.The same collection but used in two totally different ways! That is what I love about Island Batik. So versatile! Holiday Happenings will be available in April so check with your local quilt shop. 

I hope you have enjoyed your journey and as a way to say thank you I will be giving away two of my Forest Nights' patterns. For an opportunity to win, please comment below and let me know your favorite place to travel.  Also be sure and check out the other Island Batik Ambassadors Blogs. You will see some beautiful projects. The list is below. 

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 But wait – there is more! As always! ;) Island Batik is giving away a couple of fabric bundles to celebrate these new collections! There are multiple ways to enter – see them all and enter below.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your trip!

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