Monday, January 16, 2017

Purrfect Spots: Island Batik "New Beginnings"

Purrfect Spots: Island Batik "New Beginnings": Every time January rolls around, many of us think of  New Beginnings as it is the start of a New Year! Therefore Island Batik thought it ...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Island Batik "New Beginnings"

Every time January rolls around, many of us think of  New Beginnings as it is the start of a New Year! Therefore Island Batik thought it would be a great idea to have "New Beginnings" as their Blog Hop theme this month for the Island Batik Ambassadors

 I had so many ideas for "New Beginnings" that it was hard to settle on just one. However when I looked at the fabric collection I was to use, I knew that I was definitely going to have to go to Plan B and I wasn't sure what that was.

The collection is called Glowing Embers and it is absolutely beautiful. I thought of so many designs where it would be "purrfect" but none of them suggested "New Beginnings". Don't you just love all those bright vivid colors!

Here is my stack of fabrics. We were asked to use at least eight of the colors in our designs. What I thought would be easy turned out to be a real challenge.

Just for the record, I am not a purple person. It was my favorite color as a child only because it was fun to say. But since then I have given purple the slip!

Until this quilt.... 

For some reason the purple kept calling to me as well as the gold and green.  These are Mardi Gras colors and here on the Gulf Coast we have just started to celebrate. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to make a "Mardi Gras" quilt as that is definitely a "New Beginning". Mardi Gras  is the beginning of  Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and ending on   Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. And Lent is a time of reflection, fasting and preparation which ends at Easter which is definitely a New Beginning!

 There is a King Cake which is usually eaten on Three Kings Day, January 6, but you can find the cakes throughout the Mardi Gras season.The King Cake historically marks the arrival of the three wise men/kings in Bethlehem who delivered gifts to the baby Jesus. King Cakes contain a small figurine in the shape of a baby which symbolizes the baby Jesus. This is a key part in the celebration of the holiday for which the King Cake is made. (This is a King Cake from our local bakery and it needs more yellow sprinkles in my opinion.) Nevertheless it was good! But check out the fabrics that I chose for my quilt! 

 And so I present to you my quilt which I have named "Crescent City King Cakes". 

New Orleans has many nicknames but Crescent City is one of my favorites as it was built around the crescent of the Mississippi River. 

The quilt measures 34" x 34" and I used YLI thread to stitch in the ditch for quilting. This pattern will be available later this spring. 

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment about what New Beginning you like as I will be giving away two of my new Island Batik patterns which were introduced at Fall Market. They are using the new fabric collections which have been featured in this blog hop by other Island Batik Ambassadors.  Here you will find a list and I hope you will stop by each and every one as there are some great prizes available.

Thank you again and have a good week.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Purrfect Spots: Island Batik Tis' the Season For Giving

Purrfect Spots: Island Batik Tis' the Season For Giving: As this time of year is a Season of Giving, it is only natural that Island Batik chose this theme for the December Island Batik Ambassa...

Island Batik Tis' the Season For Giving

As this time of year is a Season of Giving, it is only natural that Island Batik chose this theme for the December Island Batik Ambassador project.

We were asked to choose a charity of our choice and make a quilt or quilts for them. Well, I knew immediately what I was going to do. As most of you have guessed, I am definitely an animal person and anytime I can help animals I do. 

Therefore I made Kennel Quilts for the TQPM Kennel Quilt Team. This was a group started by The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM) who partnered with the Petfinder Foundation after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. TQPM asked their readers to make Kennel Quilts to help the animals shelters that were affected by disasters. These are wonderful little quilts measuring 12" x 18" that fit most carriers and kennels in animal shelters.

These Kennel Quilts were made with Island Batik fabrics about a year ago and sent to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, CO.

Well there have been many disasters since Hurricane Sandy including more hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, explosions, hoarding cases, etc. so Kennel Quilts continue to be made. There are over 1000 team members (all volunteer) and almost 10,000 Kennel Quilts have been made and given to shelters all over the US and Canada. To find out more about this great program, click here or go to

Strips are great for making Kennel Quilts. So I found some lovely 2" strips in my Goodie Box that Island Batik sent me and separated them into four piles to make four Kennel Quilts. (See the strips at the top of the picture.)

Kennel Quilts are a great project for beginning quilters as the animals don't care if the colors don't go together or if the points don't match. They just love to have a soft and warm spot to nap. Penny is certainly enjoying her Kennel Quilt. Don't the lovely Island Batik fabrics make her look so pretty?
I am happy to announce that she was adopted right after this picture was taken!


TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team had just put out a call for a shelter in Tennessee that was helping animals affected by the fires. Therefore my Kennel Quilts were sent to the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley in Knoxville, TN. They had taken in all the animals from another shelter that had to evacuate plus they were caring for lost and displaced pets as well.

Because the Kennel Quilts have been so successful and helped so many shelter pets, other quilting industry professionals have partnered with The Quilt Pattern Magazine to support "Piece for Shelter Pets" by making Kennel Quilts

I am happy to announce that Island Batik is a partner in  the "Piece for Shelter Pets" initiative. Two of their new fabric collections will be arriving at your local quilt shop in January - the "Fifi and Fido" Collection and the "Happy Hounds" Collection. These are lovely animal batiks. A portion of the fabric sales will go to the Petfinder Foundation to help shelter pets. Isn't that great?

Other exciting things are getting ready to happen as well in the "Piece for Shelter Pets" initiative in the coming months so be sure and stay tuned!

Isn't it wonderful that the season of giving to help shelter animals will continue all year long?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Happy New Year.

Until next time,