Thursday, April 19, 2018

TGIF in the Northern Woods

Well it's Friday in the Northern Woods and Molly Bear is ready for the weekend. She has been such a busy bear making so many treats with my Signature Collection by Kathy Engle for Island Batik.  She plans to share them all Saturday at the Northern Woods "FurBall" with all her friends.

There will be dancing, singing and lots of fun for all who attend. She has made a very special dessert for this. 

It is called Chocolate Caramel Swirl.  This is her favorite as she loves caramel. Actually, she loves chocolate and all the other treats she has made as well.

Molly hopes that you have enjoyed all her treats this weekend, but just so you don't forget, she plans to share them again on Saturday. She will be enjoying them will all her forest friends too. 

Molly has more loved making all these treats and she is happy to have all the fabric chefs showing off their skills. Be sure and check them all out.

April 16: Nan Baker  –  Purrfect Spots
April 17: Margaret Willingham  –   Eye of the Beholder 
April 18: Maria Hrabovsky  –   Maria’s Quilt Scraps
April 19: Karen Overton  –   The Quilt Rambler
April 20: Tina Dillard  –  Quilting Affection Designs
April 21: Joan Kawano  –  MooseStash Quilting

 Island Batik will also be sharing on their blog! But there is more as there will be some nice treats that will be given away such as fabrics and patterns. And speaking of fabrics, the Northern Woods collection is now available in your favorite fabric shop? Be sure and ask for the Northern Woods collection!

Please come back tomorrow to join Molly Bear at the "FurBall" in the Northern Woods!

Until then,

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