Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another Mini Madness project for March

Welcome to my second Mini Madness for March with the Island Batik Ambassadors
I am so glad to be able to share another project. The guidelines for Mini Madness are no quilts bigger than 24" x 24".

Well, when I think of small quilts, I immediately think of Kennel Quilts. So this would be a "purrfect" project for that. But wait. I already did that with the Island Batik Blog Hop Sock Hop last year.

So I decided on something a little different, but definitely animal related. If you are a pet owner and you have to evacuate, you need to take your pets with you. If it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pets. You can find helpful information regarding evacuating with your pets from The CASEY Plan.

One important tip for evacuation with your pets is to have all their medicines and medical records plus a current photo for ID.

Therefore I decided to make a fabric folder that will carry those things and be able to be tied to the pet carrier.

It starts out very much like a Kennel Quilt. I sewed three 5" Island Batik Fabric Strips together  for the outside and used one piece of fabric from the Lavish Collection for the inside. I choose my fabrics from this group of lovely Island Batik fabrics. I used one of the 5" strip rolls in the lower left hand corner and the red fabrics in the right corner.

After sewing the strips together and making my quilt (and I apologize for no pictures of that, but my camera did not cooperate), I attached a ribbon along the middle of one of the panels. The quilt measures 13" x 18" when finished.

I sewed both sides of the ribbon to the quilt top.

I then turned the quilt over, and flipped the bottom gray strip inside and stitched in to either side as well as 6" inches in from either side.

I then folded the ribbon back on one side and stitched it down again so the folder can close.

Now you can carry your medications, medical records and your contact information, etc.
I did add a plastic vinyl pouch on the front (I did this before I flipped the gray strip to the inside.)

Now I have a place to put my cat's picture.


You will also notice that my name is on the carrier. I also have my contact information   plus my veterinarian's contact info as well. Magic markers are great for this.

And now my carrier is already to go with the Fabric Folder and a Kennel Quilt!  I just need to get the cat!
I hope you have enjoyed this Mini Madness project. The Island Batik Ambassadors have enjoyed sharing these with you during the month of March.  I have a list below if you missed any of the projects. Please be sure and check them out as there are some wonderful projects. 

And next month - April Showers will be coming your way, so grab your umbrella for all the fun!

See you then! Thank you again for stopping by!

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