Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome my Guest Blogger - Brandy Lynn Maslowski

I am so excited to introduce my Guest Blogger - Brandy Lynn Maslowski. She is the host of Canadian Quilt Talk, as well as a designer, teacher, speaker, judge and author. As you can see she is very busy and I am honored that she took some time to share with me.

In my last newletter, you can see it here, I talked about teaching a young friend quilting. I feel it is so very important and Brandy Lynn does too. Here is her story.

Welcome Brandy Lynn!

If I only had one moment to teach...one moment to share...one moment to impart my wisdom on the quilters who pass through my classroom, I wouldn’t stress the perfect scant quarter inch. I wouldn’t say that cutting is the key. I wouldn’t quibble about colour.
If I only had one moment with a room of quilters, here’s what I would say...

“Share your love of quilting with a child.” - Brandy Lynn

You don’t have to be an award-winning quilter. You don’t have to be a teacher or a quilt professional. You don’t have to convince the child to become a quilter. Just take a few moments to share with them what it is about quilting that makes it your passion.

1.  READ A STORY ABOUT QUILTING TO A CHILD. Have you ever given a quilt to a child, but they are just too young to understand how much love you stitched into every block for months? Take a moment to cuddle up with them and read a book about quilting.

2.  TELL THEM YOUR STORY. Do a little trunk show, even if it is only one or two quilts. Tell them who the quilts were for and why you chose the colours and designs specifically for them. Let them know what got you started with quilting and what you love about it most.

3.  BRING THEM INTO YOUR STUDIO. Whether you have a tiny nook in the corner hallway or you’ve renovated the garage, your studio is your haven for creativity. Bring in a child and show them how you play. If they are too young to piece squares, simply have them help you choose colours and sort them for you while you piece. Let them be creative and simply enjoy your company and they’ll be back again and again.

4.  PLAY WITH A CHILD USING A QUILT. Make an “I Spy” quilt for them, but don’t stop there. Get down on the floor and play the game with them. You can take any quilt and create a little game of peek-a-boo. You can even crawl into bed with them and read their favourite book under a quilt with a flashlight. That has been so fun for my son over the years that he still loves to do it at 11 years old.

If you share your love of quilting with a child, not only will you be spending quality time with them to build your relationship, you’ll be fostering an appreciation for a craft that is a heritage tradition, and laying a foundation for quilting to continue for years to come. 

Brandy Lynn Maslowski is a quilt teacher, speaker, judge and the host of Canadian Quilt Talk. You can buy her children’s picture book KRISTY’S QUILT by supporting the Kristy’s Quilt Project. Mark your calendar for Feb. 14, 2014 and visit www.kickstarter.com. Search for Kristy’s Quilt and back the project at the $20 level to receive a softcover copy of the book, a personalized postcard and a hand blown kiss for sharing quilting with a younger generation. Expected delivery just in time for Mother’s Day. Find out more at www.brandylynndesigns.com

What great information that Brandy Lynn has given us. Also how exciting to be part of her Kristy's Quilt Book project. A wonderful opportunity for all.

Thank you for stopping by and meeting Brandy Lynn. Again I thank her for being a Guest Blogger. I will be having more Guest Bloggers over the next few months and believe me you won't want to miss a single one. I will be introducing them in my newsletters, so be sure and sign up. There will also be specials offered with every newsletter, so add your name to the list.

Until next time...

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