Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome my Guest Blogger - Anna Branch

 It is my pleasure to introduce my Guest Blogger - Anna Branch. She is from Canada and enjoys a very interesting life. She says she is living the dream. 

Welcome, Anna. Thank you for joining us today.


Thank you, Nan, for giving me the opportunity to be a guest blogger this month.  Blogging is such a wonderful way to meet people around the world, share thoughts, experiences and local customs.  I started my blog when I moved from Edmonton, Alberta which is in western Canada to a rural area of north central Ontario, located in the center of the country and approximately 3500 kilometres away.  I wanted to share with my friends back in the bustling city how I was adjusting to and enjoying life in the country. Since those early months, I have added quilting stories and patterns as well as our experience raising chickens and learning to make maple syrup.

Test Block 1
Today, as I look out my studio window, I can see a brilliant sun turning the snow surface into  a million glistening diamonds.  The maple trees still bear evidence of the most recent snowfall which has gathered along branches and frosted the various curves and bends.  It is a lovely sight and it makes it difficult to turn from it to my sewing machine where I am working on a pieced tulip block. These blocks will be put on point and alternated with log cabin blocks.

Although, I do other methods of quilting such as hand appliqué and paper piecing, I enjoy paper piecing the most.  I design most of my own patterns and have been fortunate to have a small but faithful group of quilters who purchase them from my site on Craftsy.  I also sell my quilts on  Quilts for Sale. (both these sites can be accessed from my blog: arkangelcreations.blogspot.com).  The income I get from this plus my writing enables me to keep quilting.

 This quilt found a home in England.

I love my life here in our backwoods and am fortunate to be able to share it with a wonderful husband and equally wonderful little dog plus a flock of chickens
Blessings from,
The Back Woods Quilter

Thank you Anna for sharing your story today and I thank my readers for stopping by to meet Anna.

Again I thank her for being a Guest Blogger. I will be having more Guest Bloggers over the next few months and believe me you won't want to miss a single one. I will be introducing them in my newsletters, so be sure and sign up. There will also be specials offered with every newsletter, so add your name to the list.
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