Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Pea Soup", England and Crochet!

Looking down my street!
While writing this blog, I am looking at the weather outside. It is not real cold and for that I am grateful, but it is very foggy. Living only 200 yards from the ocean (well actually the Gulf of Mexico) the fog is rolling in. I know there is a correct term concerning the dewpoint and the temperature, but I can't keep up with all of it. The best description I can give is a term that my dear English friend uses. She says the fog is as thick as pea soup!

 And speaking of English friends, I have a new one and her name is Sue Dougill. She is my guest blogger today! Now, Sue is not a quilter, but she does do hand work and that just goes along with my theme for this month and the months to follow.

Sue is known as Crochet Addict UK. 

She became a crochet addict in 2011 when she learned  to crochet due to her health issues. She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & M.E. When she learned  to crochet she knew she had found her craft. As she puts it, "Everything just clicked".
The first item she designed was a dinosaur hat for her son.  It was such a hit, she soon started receiving requests from his friends and as they say the rest is history.

Her favorite designs are characters and animals as she loves to make people smile. Because of her health, she can't make vast quantities, so she concentrates on designing items. She not only designs items, but helps promote other crafters and hosts giveaways. Sue says she feels part of a community and it's a community she loves to promote.

Welcome Sue!

Hi I would first like to say thank you to Nan for letting me be a Guest Blogger on her blog.

My name is Sue and I am known as Crochet Addict UK

I started to Crochet in 2011 and instantly became an addict. The first pattern I ever designed was for a Dinosaur Hat & Scarf for my son.

I loved designing so much I couldn’t resist carrying on. I suffer from CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome – also known as M.E.) and am unable to make large quantities so I’ve specialized in designing items. I love the fact that every time I pick up a hook something magical seems to happen.

My favourite design is my Dragon Hat. My son was a big influence and had a big input on this project. He is my biggest critic!

My latest design is a baby fox hat.

Not long after starting to Crochet I set-up a blog http://www.crochetaddictuk.com  to keep a record of the things I was making and to share things with other Crocheters. Since starting it has now expanded to share a love of everything handmade. I love to use my blog to promote and share with other people, crafts and handmade items.  This last Christmas was the first time I tried to make as many presents as possible. Not all were met with the love that I had put into them but I was proud of myself for making so much.  We even made our own soaps, chutneys and other wonderful things.

My latest adventure is with needle felting. We will see what happens!

Sue, I want to thank you so much for being my guest blogger and for sharing all your lovely designs with us. To learn more about Sue - please check out her blog! Also I will be a guest on Sue's blog in February. I will post the date soon. 

Meanwhile - just a short note to let you know that I will be a guest on Canadian Quilt Talk this Thursday, January 16th at 4:00pm PST. I hope you will join me!

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Until next time - Enjoy your favorite hand work no matter what it is. 

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