Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We have a winner in the Quilting Gallery Guest Blogger Tour!

I was a Guest Blogger at the Quilting Gallery last week and I offered a special prize for one lucky person who commented on my blog.
Using  - the winner selected was Jennie P.  Her comment reads:
Jennie P. says:
I have two dog children. One pit bull, named Ivy who has a beautiful cream and white coat and she has crystal blue eyes. She’s my baby girl. And Remus, my mutt, is a large breed. He may be a lab. I have no idea what he is actually. I picked both dogs up off the highway (not on the same day) when they were little. They would have gotten killed. I couldn’t stand to see them without homes and I didn’t want to take them to the pound in case they’d get euthanized. I don’t let them in the sewing room though because the long pet hair would get all over my fabric.

Congratulations Jennie and bless you for saving two dogs and giving them a forever home!

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