Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PURRFECT SPOTS - It started with a cat!

As promised I am going to tell the story of how PURRFECT SPOTS got started! You know by the name, that I am an animal lover, but what you don't know is how a very special cat and then another one got this company going! It is quite a story and one that can't be told quickly, so please indulge me as I tell this tale.

The story...

There he was, an intruder in the back yard of my neighbor's house. They were out of town (deployed) and had asked us to keep an eye on the place. But yet there he was on the back porch. I was looking out my window checking every move, but after awhile, he turned around and left! Good - one less thing to worry about. However, the next day there he was again - darn, what was he doing? Why did he have to come here?
Please leave and go home. We don't want trouble. But this time, he didn't leave. He just sat down on the porch to rest awhile.

This went on for a few days and when I realized he wasn't going to leave, I finally gave in! Armed with the necessary elements, I went outside, then around the fence and approached the back yard very cautiously! However, he heard me coming and ran! Feeling like he would come back I left a little surprise for him!

Well he did come back and was surprised, but pleased as well as he finished a nice bowl of cat food followed by some water!!! He then proceeded to sit down on the porch and start the mandatory after dinner bath! Yes, you guessed it! The intruder was a little black cat that eventually stole my heart and changed my whole world!!!  His original name was K.C. (for Karen's Cat - as it was Karen's house that he had claimed). But that all changed after a visit to the veterinarian. They wrote CASEY and that started it!

CASEY, the Cat, the Plan & the Stitch! That is all for now, but please come back as there is much more to the story!


  1. Can't wait to read the rest of the story. Lucky Casey!

  2. I'm with QFS...looking forward to the rest of the story and thinking Casey looks alot like my Dottie except her fur is long, well they say medium because it doesn't have to be brushed, I guess. She's flooofy and my best pal!